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Onitsuka Tiger’s got KOBE!

Posted on Feb 2, 2010 in Onitsuka Tiger | 4 comments


Got your attention, right? Well, OT’s referring to Kobe, Japan. The shoe actually came out around Jan 17, where in 15 years prior, Kobe experienced an unprecedented earthquake. O.Tiger commemorates that earthquake as a memorabilia of the disaster as well as the effort of Kobe’s restoration. The shoe is the Layup 72 Phoenix, and this is a special edition pair to commemorate the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. For those who aren’t familiar, Onitsuka Tiger’s main office is located in Kobe. The shoe features an embroidered phoenix, a mythical bird, to symbolize their prayers for Kobe’s restoration and future development.

Only 150 pairs are available at select stores throughout the world. To help in restoring Kobe, the proceeds will be donated to “the Foundation of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. The shoe’s silhouette is pretty simple, like Chuck Taylor simple. But if that’s your route, I’d go for this. At least you’ll only be 1 of 150 that’ll carry this shoe.  The shoe’s available at the OT Store at Greenbelt 5.




  1. these are pretty sweet marts! this will be be the only time i’d ever wear a shoe with the word “kobe” on it hehe

  2. hahhaaha! it’s pretty clean which makes it wearable even when the kobe’s out there.

  3. is any body knows the tel# of ONITSUKA SHOP in Greenbelt 5, because i want to inquire something, because there’s no onitsuka here in dubai 🙁

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