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Onitsuka Tiger: March

Posted on Mar 17, 2009 in Onitsuka Tiger | 0 comments

I dropped by Onitsuka Tiger the same day I passed by Hideout last week. A couple of new drops as well as a collection of Sample sneakers. This is actually a pretty cool twist to the whole sample size set up. Brands usually send over a sample size line (usually a size 9) to all their retailers for them to decide which pieces to sell for their area. OT raised the bar and offered these limited pieces to the masses. They are sold cheaper than the regular items (since they are one offs) and can only be purchased at the store. It was a pretty cool set up especially when you realize you’re the only one in town that’ll ever get a pair.

Most of the sneakers they have are for the ladies and would be great for everyday use or for night outs. The two pointy ones at the top are great for the club if you ask me. The other pairs are pretty dainty for my own taste.

Do drop by GB5 to see OT’s latest offerings. The Zodiac and Tokidoki collection are still available and I’d get one if I were you if you want to get quality pairs for your puppies.

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