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We put the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 to the Test and here are the results

Posted on Dec 7, 2022 in Next Movement, Nike

Back in October, we featured the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature and the Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 on the initial feature for Next Movement. While we’ve seen and used the Pegausus Turbo before, we decided to put the Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 to the test. We tapped out friend Ryan* to try them out and use the shoe both for his training and marathon, which is set to happen this December.

As mentioned, Ryan is an everyday runner and focused on improving his personal best. He provided us two reports, detaling the shoe’s Fit, Cushioning, Traction. Hopefully, you’ll have an idea how it performs (If you haven’t read our review, do check out our article linked above).

First Run // Distance: 5k


Ryan: The shoe felt snug around the midfoot area, but still felt comfortable, making this is ideal for runners with narrow feet. The upper felt good, felt like it was hugging the foot, making me feel secure. During the first run, it defintiely felt like the shoe was a part of me. There was no slippage, especially on the heel area. While the upper felt snug, there was ample space by the toebox. The upper was definitely breathable and the padded heel added to the shoe’s comfort. Even when laced tight, everything felt comfortable and the laces kept on throughout the ride.


The first kilometer wa rough. The shoe felt stiff, but rode with it. By kilometer 2, the shoe started to loosen up. I used to run in the Nike Invincible Run, and this was just as fun. There was a lot of bounce with the Alphaflys, and I could really feel the propulsion at the forefoot, mainly due to the forefoot Zoom pods. By this portion of the run, I felt fast, with an improved running pace (approx. 6 min/km). Aside from the pods, I could also feel the propulsion of the carbon fiber plate as well. I was getting into the right rhythm, and that’s where I truly enjoyed the shoe. The cushioing provided by ZoomX was great, felt a little firmer than the Invincible Run, as I felt the energy return in every step.

One thing that I noticed was the feel when I went faster. With a faster overall pace, the more I enjoyed the ride of the shoe. It truly felt like a more efficient runner. Based on our discussion, the mechanics of the shoe makes it easier for a runner to run.


In terms of traction, it felt good. There was no slippage, as Ryan is a forefoot striker.

2nd Run // Distance: 7k

For the second test run, the shoe felt so much more comfortable; I could feel the responsiveness and cushioning with every stride. The arch issues experienced during the first run wasn’t there as it didn’t hurt at all. As the shoe pushes you to run faster, I didn’t realize that I picked up my pace, averaging around 5’27” with no stress at all. I didn’t feel the transition to the faster pace, as it was pretty seamless.

The shoe felt pretty stable due to its wider forefoot base. The shoe actually saves your legs with the energy return provided by the ZoomX cushioining. Normally, you’d feel gassed and strained out after a run, but Ryan claims there was no soreness during the workout.

With more running comes (more) sweating. Ryan ran at a much faster pace for a longer period of time, yet didn’t feel the sweat run down or around the shoe. The Atomknit upper provided superior breathability while keeping it lightweight. As it was on the first run, the shoe felt very secure and snug to the touch. Ryan didn’t experience any chafing or burns during his run.

To further test the shoe, Ryan did a little speed work wearing the Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2. While doing 50m sprint, he felt the full benefit of the shoe’s cushioning system. The Zoom pod compression was felt in each stride, feeling the return and bounce, and felt really fast while running. The carbon fiber plate was in full force, providing propulsion with the sprints.

In summary, the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 is a great shoe and a true performer. While we don’t need Nike’s pinnacle runner for our everyday run (unless you do plan on competing on a regular basis), it’s good to know that you’ll get your money’s worth should you pursue using the good looking shoe. Nike put in thousands of hours to make this shoe one of their very best, as it provides the best combination of sped, cushioning and energy return.

You can pick the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 (Php 14,495) up from your favorite Nike door or via The winter pack is set to drop soon so stay tuned for that colorway release.