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Posted on Sep 20, 2019 in Nike

Nike LEBRON XVII ‘Future Air’

As we were about to rest up for the night, our good ol’ pal LeBron James dropped the bomb on us. LeBron James and Nike Basketball just unveiled the LEBRON XVII. After seeing the shoe up close in Portland 3 weeks ago, we’re pretty happy to share the shoe’s something we’re all looking forward to.

For his 17th shoe, LeBron James needs more support than you think. Majority of his silhouettes demands the best from Nike, and the latest iteration is no slouch. Nike’s Jason Petrie mentioned that the 17 was a way to reset the mark for LeBron, and explore how Nike can help his game with the best technology available.

the LEBRON XVII features the highest-volume Heel Max Air Unit in a LeBron shoe


As early as the LEBRON VII, we’ve seen Max Air in LeBron’s shoe. But this year’s Heel Max Air Unit is the biggest one yet. Set beneath the heel, this provides Bron with shock absorption, while a soft foam pod under the Max Air adds that much-needed cushioning.

Two Air Zoom Pods sit under the forefoot


With Max Air on the heel, Petrie added two Air Zoom units under the forefoot for better responsiveness, especially when LeBron sprints down the court as he attacks the basket.

“The lateral and medial pods under the forefoot give him that response and comfort in conjunction with the Max Air bag,” says Petrie. “The way LeBron sees it, he wants to feel confident from the ground up. He doesn’t need help jumping. He wants to feel secure on the way down.”



While the last two signature shoes featured Battleknit, Nike combines lightweight Flyknit construction with heat-molded yarns that add structure and color. This makes for a more durable, supportive upper that resists stretching (a problem most people had with the XV). Nike applied heat on to the knitting process that made the upper like an exo-skeleton, keeping it structurally sound while soft in areas where it needs to be.


Traditional LEBRON details were usually seen on the heel (Lion crest), or the outsole (Dunkman logo). For the XVII, those details are now found on the tongue. Over the course of the signature line, you’ll see phrases and symbols like “I’m King”, “LJ”, “23” now on the tongue. This gives LeBron a better means to tell his story. “There are other micro details, too. Making the topline jagged was our way of stepping into the crown of the king. Also, there’s a woven label on the medial side that has the inspiration for the colorway. It’s almost like a key to the shoe,” says Petrie.

The Nike LEBRON XVII is slated to drop September 27th in the US. Keep it locked here for more details on the PH release.