Surprise Drop- Kobe V Inlines

No one expected these to drop today (or was it yesterday?). Well, the Inlines are now available at select stores nationwide. This now brings the Kobe V colorways to 7:

  1. Away
  2. Chaos
  3. White/Red
  4. Dark Knight
  5. Bruce Lee (thanks to Ron for pointing this out. completely forgot about these)
  6. All-Star
  7. Inline

So… are you gonna pick em up too?

Author: admin

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  1. what particular stores have them?

  2. u forgot on the list the bruce lee kobe V

  3. thanks for pointing that out! totally forgot about those! haha!

  4. is the bruce lee still available?i thought some of these colorways are soldout

  5. it should still be available but the hunt begins. Sizes will be hard to come by.

  6. ow my goodness!do you think size 13s of the kobe v bruce lee will be hard to find?

  7. ouch. that might be extra hard. If you have friends or family around, tell them to help you hunt! Bruce Lees are now hard to come by. and ur even looking for sz 13s?!?! I wish you all the luck in the world for those.

  8. oh yeah I might need their help this time.ARE size 13s that rare here?even with the other colorways?

  9. robinsons department stores (Metroeast and Galleria) still have the BL.

  10. cool!

  11. hey bud. Got word the Bruce Lee size 13s are at Tobys MOA. They might have bigger sizes too.

  12. oh yes!thanks so much:)

  13. XD i think i need to hurry and cop em asap.hehe.Thanks again for the info.I appreciate it.

  14. Sir are the Dark knights still available?

  15. It should be available but u will have to hunt them down. good luck!

  16. oh yeah!im gonna post it on my facebook account.,but the BLs availability is a secret for now.,wahahahaha peace out

  17. oh i see.Sir which of the 7 colorways is the most available?Or which can be bought with higher chance even with large sizes?

  18. just became a fan of your facebook page.,might as well follow you on twitter;)

  19. Where is Nike BHS or what is nike BHS?

  20. Nike BHS stands for Nike Bonifacio High Street, Nike’s store at the Fort Strip Mall.

  21. thank you! continue on telling your friends about it! 2010 will be a great year! got lots in store for you guys!

  22. any news about upcoming zoom kobe 5 colorway releases here in the Phil?

  23. Sir,
    any news about the new CW of ZKBV? read on kicks on fire the pop is out in asia… how about the del sol? thanks!

  24. the Home CW is now available. POP is out but will only release during the Playoffs, when it really is relevant.

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