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Store Check: Nike Gateway

Posted on Aug 3, 2009 in Nike | 16 comments

I watched the Blue Eagles pummel the Bulldogs to the ground last Saturday but still wasn’t impressed with the beatdown. I know the team is still capable of doing better things and will be tested for sure with the surging Archers next Sunday.

I dropped by the Gateway shop after the game to the request of one of our readers. The Hyperize colorways were all there- white/silver, white/blue, white/green, white/red, and black/black. The Dream Seasons were also there. I believe this is the actual Asian Exclusive colorway, and not the one that was on sale during Kobe’s tour last week.

The other pair that was of interest for me were these colorful Zoom BBs on white. The accents are loud as hell but fit in real nice with the white. I believe these were also made for the street as the tongue carries a backboard-type logo, which can also be seen on the Hyperize Philippines tongue. The next major shoe to watch out for are the next DMPs (AJ 7s). But for now, these kicks are the ish.


  1. how much is the zoom bb 3?..
    does it come in black?..

  2. thanks for the post dude!
    I appreciate it

  3. the zoom bb is 5995 if i'm not mistaken. There was a black/grey black colorway, but came out months ago. I'm not sure though. This new colorway really was for this summer.

  4. ahh. ok..
    thanks for the info.
    a nice site you have..
    keep it up..

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