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Singapore Store Check Part 1

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in Limited Edt, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Sale, Vans | 6 comments

sinAlrighty yo. I know you guys were waiting for this. It’s been a week since I’ve been to Merlion city and it gave me enough time to figure a couple things out, but more on that later. I was there for the weekend but only had time to go around for a full day. The first day out, I realized that my camera’s battery was dead. Smart. I went around Orchard- Ion, 313, Wisma and Wheelock. It was such a short day as we were running all over and only had time to do a couple of things because we had to be somewhere. But thinkin’ bout it, we really didn’t have to. Oh well. Orchard’s changed a whole lot in a lil’ over a year. I should definitely make my trips to SG a little more frequent.

Day 3 (which was my 2nd full day in Singapore) is really my sneaker day. Went to a lot of places. Left the house at 9 so that I could get to the far flung places (Nike Outlet, NB Outlet), then work my way to the busier ones by the afternoon. I got to the Nike Factory Store 10 mins before it opened (or I got there in time but they opened 10 mins later). I first tried the place out on their opening day last year. They had SB tees, caps and other special releases that weren’t out on regular stores. This time around, MP SC 2010s were readily available and at a great price (89 SGD- 2900++). MP Tees were 2 for 4o (roughly amounting to about 2 for the price of 1 here). A couple of past season’s quickstrikes were also available- Parra Maxims, Cassete Playa Dunks, Chlorophyll Maxim 1s, and a couple of others. I didn’t buy anything, hoping to find better stuff at the NB Outlet.

15 mins later, I made a mistake. The NB Outlet didn’t have anything. Well, at least on the lifestyle side. If you were all about running, then yeah, they had stuff. I was in and out of the store in 30 seconds. Wasted my time there. Instead of taking the MRT, I took a cab and went straight to Queensway, where Limited Edt and LE2 is located.

sin8Limited Edt still had the usual good stuff- Jordans, NSWs, Quickstrikes, a couple of Consortiums, Puma, NB, Reebok Pump Omnis. Most of the stuff were on sale, and it being the Great Singapore Sale season, they had more. If you bought any 2 items, you get an additional 20% off. Great right? I’m sure you’re more curious as to what’s in store. Do check out the pics below to see what Limited Edt had in store:sin1






sin7Aside from adidas, Reebok, and New Balance, you’ll notice most of the stuff in SG’s also available here. A couple of colorways here and there would be it, but most of the stuff’s readily available. Three or more years ago, goods would’ve been so different. I liked the NB display. I thought long and hard. and ended with an SB tee. That was that. Not even Kiks Tyo enticed me.

sin10Right next door was LE2, home of SBs, Vans OTWs, and CONS. A lot of skate stuff really from those three brands. What was in store? Check the stuff out. For those who missed out on the Koston ninja release over at wL, they have both the Gold Dunk Hi as well as the blue Thai Dunk Lows here. Janoskis? Here too. Huf Blazers? Got ’em here too. I should’ve picked those up. Oh well, this is what I get for stalling.






sin15Well, that’s it for now. Right after Queensway, I decided to check out Haji Lane. A small street near the Bugis stop, Haji Lane is one cool spot you can’t not check out. The vibe was street with all the indie stores and goods abound. I’ll have more on Haji Lane and the rest of my Singapore sneaker check tomorrow.

postscript:Reebok Zigtech weren’t available yet in SG. It should be available this weekend, if I’m not mistaken.


  1. nice post sir! hope SG was only one MRT ride coz i heated up again seeing a pair of Janoski’s still available. keep up the goodwork and keep us posted about wonderful stuffs! 🙂

  2. selling adidas stormtrooper mids size 10.5.. used twice no crease no heeldrag. text 09213460100

  3. OT: are there any affordable hotels near orchard and scotts? basically with these sneakers and stores in Singapore you’ll just be staying at your hotel room during night time =)

  4. next time im goin’ w/ u, bro! hahahaha

  5. Sir,where in SG is the Nike Factory outlet and LE2, my friend is going there this weekend, hoping he could pick me up some nice nike sb, and how much are they going(sale price)? thanks!

  6. The Nike Factory store is over at West Coast Plaza. You can take the MRT and stop at the Clementi station. There’s a free shuttle from the MRT to the mall. LE2 is by Queensway Shopping Plaza. SBs are only located at LE2. Sale prices with Limited Edt are pretty simple- no discount for one pair, but if you buy 2 or more, you get 20% off your purchase. But there might be other pairs on sale.

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