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Posted on Oct 16, 2017 in Nike |

A little under a week ago, the Swoosh with the RT popped up all over the innernetz as NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci teased another collaboration in time for the NBA season.  Since 2014, Givenchy’s creative director has worked with Nike with various collections spanning such pieces such as the Air Force 1, the Dunk Lux Chukka and countless others. Tisci’s latest work with NikeLab aims to propel contemporary sports style into a new, more elegant era. Tisci draws from the past, combining different generations of sportswear icons (the collection includes an Oxford shirt, track pant and varsity jacket) to form a collection of four distinct pieces for men, three for women and a series of accessories.

“I live for sports,” says Tisci. “There’s always been sportswear in my style, and I believe the mix of sport, street and elegance is really good.”

Tisci’s personal style is also on the vanguard of contemporary trend. Look at any of the current crop of NBA stars, for example, and you’ll note each mixes sportswear and luxury goods with relative ease. There’s also a comfort in intermingling bold graphic pieces with timeless classics.

 I believe the mix of sport, street and elegance is really good.

– Riccardo Tisci

This is evident not only in clothing, but footwear too. Sneakers, of course, are fundamental to basketball culture. Tisci takes on the Air Force 1 again, pretty apt as the shoe celebrates its 35th anniversary this 2017. Claiming that he’s obsessed with the shoe, the Air Force fits his style and his ongoing collaboration with Nike.

In Tisci’s eyes, basketball players don’t just provide style inspiration, they’re heroes. This latest Nike collaboration plays off this idea with another series of graphics: logos for a fictional team, the Victorious Minotaurs, which gives him the opportunity to envision the collection as part of a true off-court uniform.

“In the 90s, basketball players became kind of like rock stars,” he says. “But now, they are more than rock stars. They’re superhuman — representative of historic mythology.” 

The NikeLab x RT Victorious Minotaurs collection launched October 12 in North America, and will launch October 20 in Paris and October 21 globally at NikeLab stores and Although there isn’t a NikeLab store in the PH, the closest ones to us would be the one in Pak Sha Road (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) and the recently opened store in Singapore. If you’re feeling the latest Riccardo Tisci line, you know what to do.