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No Hands: Nike unveils the Nike GO FlyEase

Posted on Feb 2, 2021 in Nike

Nike’s done did it again.

Earlier today, Nike just made our lives so much easier. Again.

This is the Nike GO FlyEase.

While we have seen the Nike FlyEase come in various iterations over the years, this is Nike’s first ever hands-free shoe (the previous ones still had laces or zippers, but nonetheless still effective).

While slip-ons are the most logical shoes to create, the GO FlyEase relies on a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be fully accessible, making it an easy on, easy off experience.

At the heart of the design for this to happen is the GO FlyEase tensioner. It’s somewhat a rubber band of sorts that keeps the shoe stable but flexible enough for it to open up when you take them off. By the design above and Jimmy Fallon featuring it on the Tonight Show earlier today, the GO FlyEase is definitely a wonderful product from the Innovation team.

Nike Go FlyEase Hands-Free Shoe  4

While the shoe solves a problem for athletes and people with disabilities, the creation of the shoe opens it up to everyone, making the innovation for all. Check out the upcoming colorways for the Nike GO FlyEase below:

Nike GO FlyEase 15

Nike GO FlyEase in white, Celestine Blue, and Volt.

Nike GO FlyEase 44

Nike GO FlyEase in black, Dynamic Turquoise, and Hyper Crimson.

Nike GO FlyEase 26

Nike GO FlyEase in black, Anthracite, and Racer Blue.

The Nike GO FlyEase is available initially via invite for select Nike Members, with broader consumer availability planned for later this year.