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Alright. Buzz around this shoe has been there since the Mamba was in town way back in July. I asked him about the shoe and he kept it on the DL. All he said that his next signature was even gonna be lighter than the ZKIVs. What?!?! Is there any way they can make a shoe lighter than the Kobe IVs? Well, read on for Nike’s official release on the Zoom Kobe V.

Nike and Kobe Bryant announced the debut of the Nike Zoom Kobe V, the brand’s lowest-profile and lightest basketball shoe to date. Bryant challenged Nike to make his signature shoe even lighter and lower than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Nike responded with the Nike Zoom Kobe V, which features a 10 mm forefoot profile and weighs 10.6 ounces – one ounce lighter than the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.

“I wanted to push the envelope with a shoe that meets the demands of my style of play,” Bryant said. “The Kobe V is lighter, lower and more stable. Nike has done it again.”



The initial inspiration for Kobe’s low-profile shoe came from an unexpected place: the soccer field. “I watch a lot of soccer and have seen how the best footballers in the world make sharp cuts at top speed in lightweight, low-cut footwear,” Bryant said. “The demands they make on their feet and ankles aren’t that different from what I’m doing on the court, yet nobody assumes they should play in high tops.”

With Bryant’s observation as inspiration, the Nike Sports Research Lab conducted hundreds of hours of testing to create a low-profile shoe that did not compromise stability or lockdown. By modifying the medial arch and sculpting the external heel counter, Nike researchers created a shoe with exceptional performance that moves with the foot and allows for multi-directional cutting. An enhanced outrigger provides lateral stability, while the de-coupled heel maximizes contact surface. The shoe also features a glass/carbon fiber weave shank plate for mid-foot control and rigidity. “With the Kobe V we constructed an even lighter-weight support system that provides superior, one-to-one lockdown while moving with the foot, not against it.”



Building off the success of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, Nike Performance Footwear Creative Director Eric Avar wanted to further reduce the weight of the shoe while still enhancing support and stability.

“For the Kobe V, we started with the science and performance elements and built from there,” Avar said. “We wanted this shoe to be a true reflection of his game and persona. As Kobe continues to evolve as an athlete, so will the footwear we create for him.”

The Nike Zoom Kobe V also features a lighter, stronger version of Nike’s innovative Flywire technology, that’s strategically placed to perform like synthetic tendons while cradling the foot like a second skin. The shoe’s overlays were bonded with heat welding, which is lighter, more consistent, and less abrasive than traditional stitching. Nike Zoom units in the heel and forefoot, as well as lightweight Phylon-injected midsole, provide a cushioning system that reduces pounding without adding bulk or weight.

Bryant’s input and inspiration was also instrumental in shaping the aesthetics of the Nike Zoom Kobe V. Avar and the design team in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen incorporated aspects of Bryant’s game and personality into every detail in the shoe. The heartbeat traction pattern on the outsole is inspired by the heart, passion and self-described “maniacal will” Bryant brings to the court. The dot-matrix symbol on the front edge of the outsole – found throughout Bryant’s footwear and apparel product this season — represents a codified language sequence. Nike will offer clues to deciphering its meaning throughout the season.

The Nike Zoom Kobe V will be available in the Philippines starting January 2010 at P6,995. No exact date has been pegged for the release but it will definitely be before the end of the month. More details on the exact date to follow.

A comprehensive feature on the Zoom Kobe V will also be published on this month’s The Score c/o Solar Entertainment.

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  1. Dope! Sir, do you think they’re gonna release the dark knight and game of death versions?

  2. Martin, thanks for sharing the official press release on your site dude. I don’t know if its true, but forums have it that release date will be pushed back from what would have been a drop tomorrow.

    I guess the Chaos are off the radar for now, huh? Damn, Evilbay again FTL!

  3. hey Joaqs. It will definitely be pushed back. There was a delay somewhere (either in delivery or production). Once I have more details, will let the world know. As for the Chaos… you might have to take that route for ’em.

  4. GOD will most likely occur as they are dropping in other countries already. My bro saw the Aways at Nike SG so those aren’t far behind. As for the Dark Knight, they currently have it pegged for Feb but the internets have been wrong before. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

  5. from an aesthetic standpoint, i still prefer the zoom kobe IV’s (and also because the Kobe IV Finals edition looked too damn good)

  6. Marts, check your FB inbox later tonight. I’ve got some ish to share with you man! LOL =)

  7. just got home from BHS..
    they say the kobe V’s will be released most probably next week
    the guy who told me wasn’t that sure tho..

  8. What’s wrong with Nike Phils? Haaay… I’m disappointed. Have to wait for another week. Still they are not sure! What the…

  9. no word yet. But most likely it’ll be out by Feb or March. I’m guessing right around All-Star break at the earliest.

  10. What’s wrong? It’ll be out on the 23rd!

  11. hahahahaa. well, now they’re saying its the first week of feb. I guess the Vs are that hot. If you can’t wait for the RP release, head on to HK or SG for the Kobe Vs.

  12. I’ve been waiting for this since Jan. 16. I should have got this as my bday present for myself. Any news guys?

  13. yeah as per my sister its going to be on feb, i wish i cud get my hands on the zkv inline. lol!

  14. Just got one for $130 bucks plus tax, but not in the P.I , bought it in LA, also got a cool kobe shirt as well,
    this shoe is so light, feels like im wearing nothing,
    it looks gud,but not that sturdy

  15. Lucky! we all have to wait for the 5th.

  16. feb 5 is the date.

  17. 7 days to go! Is this confirmed? Any word for Air Jordan 6?

  18. Jordan 6 should also come out. Motorsports among others. Jordans will be bountiful this Feb.

  19. Had a small talk with one of the crews at Nike Park in Gateway Mall. He said that they already have stocks weeks ago. The only cause of delay was they are promoting LBJ shoes up until Feb 5. You can reserve one for yourself at this branch they have a list and they will contact you once its open for purchase.

    The release date for the Kobe snix is Feb 6. Hope he gave me the right information.

  20. is it on sale now in the philippines?

  21. yes, the Zoom Kobe Vs have been out since last Friday. There are 4 colorways available- Away, Chaos, White/Red, and the Bruce Lee. Sizes are running out fast.

  22. how about the Dark Knight or the White/Black-Varsity Purple-Del Sol?

    when is the release date in the Philippines?

  23. still no word, but the dark knight should be out by late feb or early march. Del Sols are still up in the air.

  24. i hope size 13 of cahos or bruce lee is still available

  25. “Sizes are running out fast.” that’s feb you think there are still zkv pairs available?

  26. haha. depends on which colorway you’re looking for. If it’s the white/red and the aways, you’ve got a shot. If you’re looking for the Bruce Lees or the Chaos, chances are slim to none.

  27. there are still a few sizes available for the Bruce lee’s and the chaos colorway in the south… the dark knight colorway dropped last friday, i went on a hunt yesterday and today and they have small sizes left.. some stores are sold out! i got lucky and found a size 12 in MOA.

  28. I am selling chaos edition size 8.5. Anyone who is interested??? Starting price is at P9,000.00.

  29. Sorry for the post, please disregard my first post. Thank you.

  30. Damn 9,000 oh shit i will just buy lebron’s shoes

  31. sorry for that im shocked with the price of that shoes anyway how much is the Air Max Lebron VII in the philippines?

  32. the 9k’s a reseller’s price. Kobe Vs retail slightly cheaper than LeBron’s.

  33. i really want that shoes but i can’t find in MOA where can i buy the Lebron VII shoes what mall?

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