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Nike unveils this season’s NBA City Edition Jerseys

Posted on Nov 22, 2019 in Nike

It’s that time of the year again. Nike recently unveiled some of this season’s City Edition jerseys for the 2019-2020 NBA Season. Unlike the Icon and Statement edition kits, the City Edition pays homage to the city, key landmarks or memorable moments in each franchise’s history. Take a look at this year’s edition and tell us which one are your favorites:

Western Conference

LA Lakers

After paying homage to Kobe and Magic, the Lakers look to the M.D.E. – Shaquille O’Neal. The jersey resembles the uniforms the Lakers wore during Shaq’s tenure with the Lakers (wishbone collar worn during the 99-00 season). The three stars represent the 3 championships Shaq had during this period. MDE (Most Dominant Ever) is also seen on the piping, as well as a Dr. Buss patch, as Shaq enjoyed playing for him.

Shaq is the focus of the Lore Series and this year’s City Edition Jersey

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento’s City Edition looks like last year’s design but now replacing powder blue with red. The uniforms were made to represent Sactown’s proud past and proud future. The red primary color represents the passion and energy of fans and also helps celebrate the team’s 35th year in Sacramento.

Marvin Bagley wearing this year’s City Edition jersey

Utah Jazz

If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. The Jazz are looking to bring back their previous City Edition jersey one last time before they discontinue it. More than anything, Jazz fans are more excited of their Purple Mountain jerseys for the season.

Utah’s bringing back their previous City Edition jerseys

Portland Trailblazers

Rip City is back! Portland does a re-design of their famous Rip City uniforms. The design is a combination of their first two uniforms back in the ’70s, but modernized along with some vintage coloring.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota pays homage to the two cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul – and the diversity of the people and neighborhoods of the Twin Cities. The icy cool blue represents the blue waters that run through the city. An illustrative icon on the waistband features the last city of the east, first city of the west (aka The Cities).

Karl-Anthony Towns reppin’ the MSP

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix brings back the Los Suns, this time in black. The major additions to the Los Suns jersey is the Somos PHX by the label as well as the Arizona flag in purple and orange trim by the right pant leg. These haven’t been unveiled by the Suns, but expect to see them during their Latin Nights celebrations.

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio continues with their camo motiff to pay homage to the troops. We’ve seen the Spurs rock this before, so no surprises here. When are we getting the Fiesta jerseys, though?

Denver Nuggets

The Rainbow Skyline is back for Mile High City. Denver wore the famous rainbow skyline City Edition last year, but now transition the design from white to black this season. This uniform is a celebration of the people and neighborhoods that make Denver unique. The rainbow skyline design was inspired by the jerseys worn by the team from 1981-93.

Jamal Murray’s wearing the new City Edition jersey featuring the Rainbow Skyline

Golden State Warriors

The Town jerseys are back this season, but now take on a black, grey and blue scheme as they change addresses this season. It’s good to see the Warriors still pay their respects to Oakland with their City Edition jersey.

Houston Rockets

H-Town represent! The jersey looks to Houston’s historical and present relationship with NASA. The NASA font typeface can be seen through the names and numbers throughout, while an astronaut ID tag can be seen on the upper right chest. The American flag on the belt celebrates national pride, while the side panels are inspired by the Gemini Program.

The Rockets debut their City Edition jersey on 11/30 vs the Hawks

Dallas Mavericks

The jersey celebrates the new life and direction of the Mavs while weaving into the fabric of the Dallas community. The graffiti wordmark/design represents the graffiti culture in the Dallas community that started in the 90s. “Deep in the Heart” is featured on the jersey’s jock tag as a nod to the fusion of art, passion, and sports in Dallas, the heart of Texas.

Dallas debuts the jersey on 11/26 vs the LA Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers

Initially seen on the Clips on the cover of the Sports Illustrated (as seen here), the Clippers’ City Edition jersey is done in collaboration with Mister Cartoon, with the city name done in Old English.

Image result for la clippers jersey city edition 2020
The jersey debuts tomorrow as they face the Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans

The team brings back its Mardi Gras-inspired look with the carnivalesque purple, green and gold symbolizing faith, justice and power.

Oklahoma City Thunder

This year’s uniform was designed in partnership with the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum to honor the city’s courage in the wake of the devastating bombings in April 1995. The white on the sides of the short represents the site’s Reflecting Pool. “Service,” “Honor” and “Kindness” appear above the jersey’s tag.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks pay homage to its ‘City of Influencers’ and the most iconic street name in the city: Peachtree. With so many creatives calling Atlanta home, the jersey represents the city’s influence, creativity, and infectious confidence with colors inspired by the peach trees that line the city. After all, Georgia is the Peach State.

Ice Trae wearing the Peachtree City Edition jersey

Boston Celtics

Are we feeling the luck of the Irish this season? Boston’s City Editio features a green and gold base – all reminiscent of the team’s 2006 St. Patrick’s Day unform. The Boston on the front is done in a unique Celtic font, while a Celtic knot can be found on the waistband, a representation of loyalty and love between the franchise and its fanbase.

Boston debuts the jersey vs Brooklyn on 11/27

Cleveland Cavaliers

This year marks the Cavs’ 50th season and the jersey is inspired by various Cavs uniforms over the last 50 seasons. The navy colors were taken from the team jersey from 2005-2010. The Cle (with feather) was worn by the inaugural team from 1970-74. The player number in wine and gold were inspired by the black/orange and powder blue from the time they played at the Gund Arena. The side paneling was taken from the jerseys worn from 1974-80.

Kevin Love and the Cavs debut the City Edition jersey on 12/3 vs Detroit

Chicago Bulls

Chicago’s ‘Sweet Home’ City Edition jersey continues to find inspiration from the flag of Chicago, Lake Michigan and the two branches of the Chicago River.

Lauri Markannen’s wearing the ‘Sweet Home’ City Edition

New York Knicks

The Knicks bring back their City Edition jersey from last season. The jersey represents the city’s most iconic and defining attribute — its skyline. The jersey is a representation of the diverse cultures that make up New York.

Indiana Pacers

Looks familiar? The Pacers tweak their 2017-18 City Edition unforms, now going white with a blue checkered racing stripe. The checkered stripe is a call to the city’s deep ties to auto racing and the Pacers’ tireless pursuit of victory. The jersey number is in the style of classic IndyCar nosecones, while PACERS is printed vertically down on the checkered stripe. The phrase ‘ALWAYS LEAD’ can be seen on top of the jersey tag, another call t the city’s racing tradition.

Victor Oladipo in 2019 City Edition Uniform
The Pacers debut the jersey on 11/27 vs the Jazz

Orlando Magic

For the Magic’s City Edition jersey, they honor Central Florida’s long-standing ties to its citrus industry. The Anthracite/Orange combination goes bold with the ORL across the chest. Orange piping around the neck and the sides and shorts can be seen, this serves as a call to the Sunshine State’s official fruit.

Milwaukee Bucks

We’ve seen the Bucks wear cream-colored jerseys before but they take it a step further this season with their City Edition jersey. The cream color is a nod to the cream-colored bricks used around Milwaukee’s architecture, giving Milwaukee the nickname ‘Cream City’. The green and blue stripes are a call back to the Bucks’ earlier days. The “M” can be found on the shorts.

Detroit Pistons

This year’s Motor City edition jerseys are an evolution from last year’s black and grey version. What’s cool here is the carbon fiber texture striping that runs down the jersey. The bold muscle car-like coloring echoes the city’s hard-nosed mentality. The last time the Pistons wore red uniforms were during the 2006-07 season.

Blake Griffin and the Pistons debut the jersey on November 29 vs the Hornets

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers celebrate the Liberty Bell with their City Edition jersey. The iconic bell transcends time and brings to life a powerful symbol the unites the city of Philadelphia. The parchment color uniform has ‘Philadelphia’ in cursive on the chest, while the front hem has ‘Pass and Stow’ embroidered on it. Pass and Stow refer to John Pass and John Stow who recast the original bell in 1743.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards City Edition jersey may seem similar to last year’s edition, but there are some additional design elements. The Stars & Stripes is synonymous to John Wall’s game-winner during the 2017 Playoffs. The DC hands are back as it was first featured back in 2014.

While some of the teams have yet to unveil their City Edition jerseys, expect them to showcase these jerseys in the coming days.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets continue to pay homage to Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G. with “BED-STUY” emblazoned over a white background, Brooklyn’s jersey recreates last season’s pattern down the side panels.

Charlotte Hornets

The team’s home court nickname, the Hornet’s Nest, traces back to Charlotte’s colonial history and finds its way again to the City Edition uniform. The shorts include a hornet’s nest honeycomb shape on the buckle. Expect to see them on court vs the Nets on 12/6.

Miami Heat

The vibrancy of Miami-Dade County appears on the jersey in the soft, aqua-blue background and bright pink accents that light the city. It’s also an inversion of last season’s City Edition uniform.

Toronto Raptors

The black and gold color scheme is inspired by the basketball culture and community that has shaped the city. “Toronto” across the front is printed in the same “Raptors” wordmark from the team’s original jersey.

Memphis Grizzlies – They claim not to have a City Edition jersey this year, but it’s ok as they are bringing back the classic Vancouver-era jerseys beginning this weekend.