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Nike Sportswear adds the Air Max 270 to the ‘Just Do It’ Collection

Posted on Aug 7, 2018 in Nike

Just Do It.

Arguably one of the best taglines of the 20th century, Nike’s “Just Do It” actually came from a murderer in Utah. As he was facing firing squad, he was asked if he had any last words and said “Let’s Do It”. Nike tweaked it and the rest is history. JDI worked so well as it made consumers believe they could be successful just by wearing their products. The simple yet memorable line has been around for 30 years and will definitely last a lifetime.

As the brand continues to celebrate ‘Just Do It’, they’ve added the Air Max 270 to its latest collection. Two pairs recently dropped across their partner retailers and are now available for you to pick up. The Air Max 270 comes in white and black, with Nike orange hits throughout. To keep it clean and subtle, the slogan is found on the heel pull tab.

The Nike Air Max 270 ‘Just Do It’ retails for Php 7,645 and is now available at Sole Academy, Capital, and the Athlete’s Foot.