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Nike KYRIE 6 ‘PREHEAT’ Collection

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 in Nike


Like most signature sneakers, Nike Basketball creates a special preheat colorway to get people excited for the new shoe. But 11??! Kyrie Irving has a special connection with the number 11. Aside from Kyrie and his father wearing the number, it’s also a metaphor for balance and harmony (1+1). “K” is also the 11th letter of the alphabet, Kyrie Irving is also 11 letters; Kyrie also played 11 games at Duke; he was also drafted round 1, pick 1, in the 2011 NBA Draft, and he surpassed the 11,000 point mark on March 11. Eerie, but definitely cool.

With a nod to Irving’s globetrotting curiosity and 11 cities with special meaning to him, the KYRIE 6 will debut with a preheat collection of 11 shoes inspired by 11 cities, including Beijing, Berlin, Guangzhou, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila (more on this shortly), Miami, New York City, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

The KYRIE 6 preheat collection will be available November 11 exclusively in each respective city.