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new for the new season

Posted on Nov 3, 2009 in Nike, shoe salon | 1 comment


I was out yesterday and decided to drop by Rockwell for a couple of things. I still don’t have my camera with me so You’ll have to excuse some photo grabs from the net for this one. Nike Rockwell has a couple of new pairs for the new season- the Melo M6 and the Zoom LBJ Ambassador II. Though I’m not a fan of their signature lines, they’ve been playing like the stars that they are early into the season. Aside from these new pairs, Steve Nash’s PE, the Cradle Rock Low is now available. The shoe has a white/white/purple/orange colorway. Finally seeing the shoe up close, it’s alright. Kinda looks like the Dunk (which is a plus- especially if you want to rock it off court). I wasn’t able to try them on, but I’m sure they’re ok for ballin’. I believe the Cradle Lows will be an exception to the rule when it comes to baller shoes for offcourt use.

Speaking off this rule, don’t you just hate it when you see someone wearing baller shoes in the club? I HATE IT. I saw this dude last weekend at Circa for their Halloween Party (presented by BTV, ofcourse) and was wearing the Huarache 09s while wearin’ his get up. Now, it may have been his “costume” but it was messed up. I was so close to tell him that his get up was weak, but I had to refrain from doing so.

Aside from the Nike drops, Adidas is now carrying the LTs for Dwight, Tim, and KG. They also have the white/blue/gold colorway for the TS Cut Creator Lows for Gil. Yes, my boy Gil’s back in action and he’s lookin’ real good.

Lastly, Shoe Salon had a couple of pairs worth mentioning in these pages. There was a Top Ten Lo in multi colors and stripes. Pretty crazy for me, but I’m sure some nut can rock them right. They also have Sambas in 4 colors/materials. The classic was there, a white/cream one, along with a denim and an old leather version. Pretty nice to see the Samba back in the fold.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be posting a couple of things worth feasting on. air-jordan-melo-vi-05

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  1. Marts, wanna see pics!!! hahaha!

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