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Manila to the World: Here’s a closer look at the Nike LEBRON 17 Low ‘Titan’

Posted on Jul 22, 2020 in Nike

Told you they weren’t Agimats.

For the past decade, TITAN built their name out of the Filipino’s love for the game. The brand, in a way, has been a home for basketball, for everyone to play the game, fuel that passion and further build on to that culture we proudly call our own.

TITAN is that dream come to life, meant to deepen the relationship of a nation to a beloved sport, meant to explore where that dream can take us, but also where we can take the dream. 

The Nike LEBRON 17 Low ‘Titan’ is the brand’s second collaboration with Nike and LeBron James, bringing that love of the game to the world. If you look at it, LeBron’s story is just like TITAN’s, as they both impact the game many times over. Just as the crest seen on the tongue – a globe mounted on the crown, surrounded by seventeen stars – one for each of his 17 NBA seasons – and LeBron’s Strive For Greatness mantra in Filipino, “Para sa Kadakilaan.” A lightning bolt, derived from TITAN’s logo, symbolizes the dream: from Manila to the World.

The all-over graphic on the shoe’s upper is emblazoned with a variety of logos and symbols, each representing an idea or a moment from the brand’s first ten years, together a celebration of TITAN and the Philippines.

The coordinates of Manila appear at the base of the insole graphics, with MANILA on the left shoe, and WORLD on the right: reminders of TITAN’s roots, and the destination of its intentions. 

The Nike LEBRON 17 Low ‘Titan’ is releasing this week. The shoe will be made available across Titan’s platforms and Nike Park (Fort) on August 8.