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It’s the Remix! The Nike LeBron 16 ‘Remix’ is here

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 in Nike

Remember when LeBron rocked those LeBron 3 Remix PEs back in the day? Remember earlier this month when Nike Basketball finally dropped those? What if we told you that this year’s #LeBronWatch includes a 16 version of that Remix?

The Nike LeBron 16 ‘Remix’ is now here as part of this year’s #LeBronWatch. Donning the same color blocking and accents, the LeBron 16 proves to be the best silhouette to recreate iconic Nike and LeBron signatures. From the patent leather to the red and matte gold accents, these LeBron 16s are definitely worth the trip, especially for true LeBron fans.

The Nike LeBron 16 ‘Remix’ drops today, April 30 at Titan (Fort, Vertis, The shoe retails for Php 9,895.