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Posted on Nov 21, 2018 in Nike

In line with their ongoing Battle Force Manila initiative, Nike invited us over for the launch of the Blank Canvas Collective. If you’re not yet familiar with the campaign, Battle Force Manila is a celebration of our very own basketball culture. This celebration is beyond the four corners of the basketball court, as it delves into dance, music, and art. With the Air Force 1 being the celebrated silhouette, Nike commissioned four artists – Kayo Cosio, Lari Gazmen, Jade Suayan and Quiccs – to reimagine the iconic sneaker.

As we listened to the artists, it made perfect sense as to why the Air Force 1 made the most sense to represent both sport and culture. Since its creation, the sneaker – whether its done in its clean White on White or Black/Black rendition – has served as a blank canvas for self expression. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, artist, musician or a creative, the Air Force 1 has stood the test of time and will continue to move forward.

We were able to sit down with Kayo, Lari, and Jade during the event to talk about their pieces (Quiccs had to fly out to the US for DesignerCon 2018). Check out the installation below as explained by the artists:

QUICCS (@quiccs)

Quiccs redesigned his TEQ toy rocking the white on white Air Force 1s now dubbed the Ultra TEQ Nike Air Force 1 KTV (Killer Titan Version). Toys and graffiti are huge parts of street culture and it made sense for Quiccs to use his signature design sporting a fresh pair of AF1s. Just like the ‘blank’ designer toys, the Air Force 1 ‘Triple White’ has always been the ultimate platform for sneaker customization.

Jade Suayan aka SYN (@jadesuayan)

Just like her artworks and graffiti tags, Jade stands out from the rest of the street artists out there. Jade uses several elements found throughout her body of work. The toy gun represents fun and play in a world where a girl can find action and leisure in whatever way she chooses. The $ is Jade’s graffiti tag, symbolizing her choice to take risks in the street art scene.

Lari Gazmen (@lalalaraine)

It was all about duality for Lari’s Air Force 1. As she shared with us, the ‘Columbine’ is the latin word for dove. However, its genus name ‘Aquilegia’ is the latin word for eagle. Gazmen believes that excellence may be achieved through honest, hard work. The Columbine represents that and reminds us to take the path that includes courage like the eagle, but also with grace like the dove.

Kayo Cosio (@kayocosio)

When you drop by the Blank Canvas Collective, you’ll notice two things – the TEQ:AF-1 and the Triple White AF-1s suspended in air. Kayo envisioned the future of Air Force 1 portrayed in its various stages and planes of existence. By using projection mapping on to the sneaker, this expands the possibilities when you use the Air Force 1 as the blank canvas.

Drop by Commonwealth Rockwell til this Saturday to experience the Blank Canvas Collective. To further the story of the Blank Canvas Collective, Nike is selling the ‘Triple White’ Air Force 1 with a free DIY Kit (acetone, markers, stencils, the whole nine). Customers can create their own masterpiece and post on Instagram to win one of five limited edition TEQ:AF-1 toys. You have until this Friday, November 23 to post your Air Force 1. Make sure to include the official hashtag #battleforcemanila and tag @commonwealth_ph).

The Battle Force Manila finale is happening this Saturday, November 24th, at Three Parkade BGC. Entrance is free and doors open at 5pm.