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ICYMI: Nike Zoom LeBron 3 ‘Home’

Posted on Apr 9, 2019 in Nike

I still can’t figure it out. Why did Nike Basketball retro the Zoom LeBron 3 this year? Sure, the III was one of the better silhouettes in the LeBron line, but why? It’s neither the shoe’s 10th or 15th anniversary, but I guess we have to take it for what it is – a fan favorite sneaker. After getting several colorways over the past season, we’re getting the Zoom LeBron III in its original white/black ‘home’ colorway. Over the weekend, LeBron actually wore the LeBron 16 ‘Remix’, which is a rendition of this home colorway for his current model.

The Nike Zoom LeBron 3 ‘Home’ is now available at all Titan doors (including for Php 8,545.