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Two Saturdays ago I had to rush to we Legendary to cop these. Yup, among all the drops for May- PRod 3 (Cinco de Mayo), PRod 2.5 (Lakers) and the Stefan Janoski SB- it’s the latter that caught my attention. I’m no skater and coppin’ SBs may tag me as a poser but look at them! You don’t have to be a skater to realize the beauty of this shoe. A simple, clean white perforated upper with leather laces makes this shoe the perfect summer shoe to rock.

I always had a rule of posting the latest cops before wearin’ em but I couldn’t resist. Wore these the very next day and absolutely loved it. If you have the chance to find these elsewhere, go  ahead. They’re worth it. The Janoski ofcourse comes in the blue box with extra white laces. Last weekend wL had their Labor Day Sale. I wasn’t able to drop by to check out the goods. Did anyone get to check it out? jan9








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  1. Managed to grab the last pair of janoski last week..

  2. do you know any other stores that may have dropped these?

  3. copped a pair and it is awesome!

  4. they’re beautiful! haven’t worn mine coz of the rain though…

  5. whats wrong with coppin skater shoes. sneakerheads buys every shoes they want. hehe

  6. good shoes are good shoes, we should be able to cop em regardless. it’s not posin if you ain’t frontin’. 🙂

  7. where can i find obsidian colors of these? ill surely buy them

  8. you can try ebay.

  9. i wasnt able to cop one on the wL release of this janoski and im having a hard time looking for it. do you guys know where can i buy one? on hand or by order basis? i really want this

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