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HideOut drops before Easter

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 in Hideout, Nike, puma | 2 comments


Alright, before everyone heads for their holiday destination or their recollections, check out Hideout’s new drops. They actually dropped last Saturday but they’re still fresh. As the autoclave or vulc sole envelopes the sneaker scene, the big brands such as Nike had to make sure they were part of the game. We saw the Dunk come out a few weeks back and now it’s the Aina Chukka. It’s a neat shoe and it can be yours for 6,295 Php.

The Lunar Rejuven8s were celebrated and disowned. This Lunar Chukka Woven, also part of the World Cup pack, is also available. This is part of Team Brazil and fits so much better than the Lunar Rejuven8s.




Classics are classics. I remember peeping these way back in ’01 and are now available again. The Puma Mostro is available in black and white. The white/blacks are better than the black/whites. But that’s just me.



Ahh. The Air Feather. These are for the ladies, dudes. If I see a dude rocking these I will point. No, let me rephrase that. I will point and laugh. Wait, I will point, laugh and tell the people around the area you are rockin’ girly shoes. Haha. I’m not sure how this shoe came to be but I take it that some gals wanted their AF1s  to go higher. Thus, the Air Feather. The shoe is cut slimmer and obviously higher. After months of talking about the monochromatic look workin, after months of all black everything, here’s a monochromatic look for the summer. An All White everything. You likey?

If the Air Feather Hi is something you wanna tap but can’t (simply bec you’re a dude), here’s the Air Royal Mid VT in white. It’s like a foamposite version of the Air Royal Mid- a hit at the work place and in the club. You guys feelin’ these? The black and brown cws came out a few months back and everyone loved ’em. This is more like a one-piece of molded material. I’m sure fans of the shoe would cop ’em easy.






  1. do you know how much is the air royal and the air feather?

  2. dude, saw them yesterday…i think the price is about P6-7k.

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