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Brave the elements with the Nike PG 3 ‘All-Star’

Posted on Feb 23, 2019 in Nike

We’re one week removed from All-Star Weekend and it’s sometimes unfortunate that we don’t get the entire set all at once. But in the same breath, it’s actually a good thing that some shoes didn’t drop, thus giving them the spotlight it deserves. With that, we’re happy that the PG 3 ‘All-Star’ finally is dropping this weekend.

Paul George is complex fellow. He’s not just about basketball and we’ve seen Nike Basketball take his interests and inspirations to create his sneaker. Not only does PG brave the elements, he actually embraces them. PG believes that no matter the environment, all conditions means all conditions. That’s why it was fitting to take cues from his love of fishing and the outdoors with Nike’s ACG line. From the materials, colors and design ethos, the PG 3 ‘All-Star’ wins even after the break.

The Nike PG 3 ‘All-Star’ drops today, February 23, at Titan (Fort, Conrad, Vertis, for Php 5,795.