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Nike drops this week

Posted on Dec 6, 2009 in NBA, Nike | 2 comments


Dropped by BHS last Friday to check out any special drops. NTers mentioned that the Air Max 3 (aka the Air Garnett 3) was out. So here it is. The shoe came out 10 years ago. I remember them being the best shoe out that xmas. My cousin got a pair and really loved ’em. Well, for those who missed out, here they are. Aside from the Garnetts, I realized that I never took a photo of the LBJ7 Mooncakes. The gold/white colorway’s pretty cool. I’m not sure but these are Asia exclusives. Anyways, the shoe’s a limited release at the stores where it’s available. Another release here is the Zoom Air Brave III. The shoe looks like it’s inspired to other 90s pairs (zoom flight 95, air strong, etc) but it’s definitely a new one. It has zoom air and lunarlite technology.

Also, the AJ 16.5s are out. I took these photos from the Nike Stadium store, but these are also available at BHS.











  1. Already copped my air garnett 3 today. I can’t afford them when I was student. I’m very glad they retroed it.

  2. good for you! doesn’t feel good to finally own a pair you’ve been longing for? Do spread the word on!

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