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Posted on Jun 24, 2016 in New Balance, Sole Movement | 0 comments


Hello, UP Town Center! After closing their doors of their Katipunan branch last month, Sole Academy is opening their doors of their new home just a few blocks from the old stomping ground. Yes, Sole Academy is opening their latest retail space, this time at the UP Town Center. To celebrate the new store, SA is celebrating it with an exclusive release from Concepts and New Balance – the City Rivalry Pack.

With the Boston-based boutique opening up shop in New York, New Balance and Concepts created a pack celebrating both stores — a teal-laced 997 for New York and a Red/Brown and Green mix for the 998 for Boston. The 997 ‘New York’ takes inspiration from the Bronx’ hometown team logo and a medal signifying the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by the public safety officers. The 998 ‘Boston’ takes its cues from the Green Monster, the massive 37+ foot wall found in Fenway Park, as well as the clay used on the baseball diamond.

Both pairs will be made available today upon store opening of the UPTC store for Academy Members.

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