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Next Up: New Balance is releasing some of the most coveted pairs from the Teddy Santis Collection

Posted on Sep 29, 2022 in New Balance

It’s been roughly a month since the 990v3 ‘Castlerock’ dropped, and that should’ve been enough time for your wallets to breathe for a little bit.

But New Balance is closing September with three much-awaited bangers from the Teddy Santis Made in USA collection. Ever since New Balance announced the release of the collection back in April, many of you have been waiting for the local release of the 990v3 ‘Marblehead’. Everybody and their grandmothers are fans of the NB grey and this colorway fits right into the rotation. If you think the Marblehead is too much, New Balance PH is also releasing the 990v3 ‘Sea Salt’ and the 990v2 ‘Castlerock’ as well.

Next question is — where do we sell our kidneys to pay for all three pairs?

The Teddy Santis energy’s been running through sneakerheads’ veins throughout the past year and it’ll be a disservice to not even consider a pair from these three. I won’t go through the motions of describing these pairs and will let the photos below do the talking. Check out some shots from this week’s release:

New Balance 990v3 MIUSA ‘Marblehead’

New Balance 990v3 MIUSA ‘Sea Salt’

New Balance 990v2 MIUSA ‘Castlerock’

Similar to previous releases, New Balance will conduct a raffle to give everyone a fair shot at bringing these pairs home. Each pair retails for Php 13,495.

To join the raffle, click here.

  1. Entrants have until September 30 10am to submit their raffle entry.
  2. Entrants are limited only 1 entry per person.
  3. Winners will receive an email by 1pm on 9/30 that they will need to present along with their valid ID at the preferred store upon purchasing the shoe.
  4. Winners may only claim their pair from September 30-October 2, 2022 from the following stores: New Balance Powerplant Mall, New Balance Glorietta, or New Balance Bonifacio High Street
  5. Unclaimed pairs will be sold to the public on Monday, October 3, 2022.