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New Balance PH completes the MIUSA pack by Teddy Santis

Posted on Oct 3, 2022 in New Balance

*UPDATE* – October 6, 2022

Want to join the raffle? Click here to join!

Just like always, each pair retails for Php 13,495 and will be available for Raffle. You have until 10am of October 7 to join, and will be sent the raffle result by 330pm of the same day. Winners have until Sunday to claim their pairs. All unclaimed pairs will go on sale beginning Monday, October 10.

And then there were four.

It’s been a while since New Balance unveiled this past season’s MADE collection by Teddy Santis. Last week, we saw three coveted pairs from the pack and we’re getting the last four this week. As always, we will be posting the raffle link here in the coming days to keep tabs on this article for the raffle link. Each pair from the Teddy Santis collection retails for Php 13,495. Here’s a rundown of what’s dropping this week:

New Balance 990v3 MIUSA ‘Olive Leaf’

New Balance 990v3 MIUSA ‘Raw Amethyst’

New Balance 990v2 MIUSA ‘Red, White and Blue’

New Balance 990v3 MIUSA ‘Marigold’