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New Balance goes classic Grey for the Niobium Concept 1 this March

Posted on Mar 3, 2021 in New Balance

Back in December, New Balance released the TDS Niobium Concept 1 through Commonwealth. The concept sneaker is one of the few three-in-one sneakers out in the market, with the boot can be converted into a clog while a bootie gives you another option for the versatile sneaker. For those familiar with New Balance’s rich trail heritage, you’ll notice that the sole unit of the MT801 is on the Niobium Concept 1.

The name of the shoe’s based on the 41st element of the periodic table, which uses the symbol of Nb (get it?). Niobium’s a refractory metal with a melting point of 1772℃, even higher than platinum. I won’t go into the detail as to how strong the element compared to other metals, or how resistant it is to many chemicals, or how it can be easily molded at relatively low temperatures. But you get it, the Niobium definitely reflects the greatness that is New Balance’s concept sneaker.

This March, New Balance uses the brand’s most iconic color – grey – bringing together the modern silhouette with their well-known authentic craftsmanship. The TDS Niobium Concept 1 drops this Saturday, March 6, exclusively at Commonwealth for Php 15,995.