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Posted on Jan 4, 2017 in New Balance, Sole Movement | 0 comments

After the 247 F&F Exclusive, New Balance is officially launching their latest silhouette, the 247 Luxe this Saturday, January 7th. There are three colorways available upon release. Do note that this is just the initial release of the 247. Over the next few months, do expect to see more of the 247, done in various uppers, textiles and premium materials. Commonwealth and Sole Academy (BGC) will be releasing the shoe this Saturday via raffle, as there are very limited quantities for the 247 Luxe. The shoe will retail for Php 5,995.

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response of customers flooding the stores, both Sole Academy and Commonwealth have tweaked their release mechanics for the 247 Luxe. Please see below each of their mechanics:


1. The New Balance 247 Luxe raffle will be open to all.

2. Sole Academy will be giving out Two Hundred Forty Seven (247) raffle coupons per day from January 4-6, 2017 from 12:00-8:00 PM only, or until coupons last.

3. Size breakdown per colorway

( Black / Tan / White) 7 / 8 / 8.5 / 9 / 9.5 / 10 / 11

SRP: Php 5,995

SA recommends a true-to-size-fit

4. Breakdown of raffle coupons per store, per colorway is as follows:

A. Sole Academy BGC. Black – 80 coupons II. Tan – 80 coupons III. White – 87 coupons

5. In order to successfully register, raffle entrants must fill out all details in the coupon and present a valid government-issued ID/Student ID. Proxies will not be allowed. Raffle entrant MUST strictly register his/her true shoe size.

6. Upon registration, registrants must be in New Balance footwear and must show SA App matching his/her valid government-issued ID/Student ID.

7. We will allow (1) one coupon per person in his chosen colorway (if available). Anyone having more than one (1) raffle coupon will automatically be disqualified from the raffle.

8. Sole Academy/SA’ICHI will be notifying the public via Facebook and Instagram Stories once all raffle coupons have been given out.

9. For transparency purposes, we will be streaming the raffle draw via Facebook LIVE on Sole Academy’s official account.

Although NOT REQUIRED, entrants will have the OPTION TO WATCH the live raffle draw at the Sole Academy BGC on January 7, 2017, 3:00 PM.

10. All winning coupon numbers will be posted on the official Facebook pages of New Balance PH and Sole Academy through SA’ICHI’s portal.

11. Winners must purchase their New Balance 247 Luxe on January 7, 2017 (until store operating hours) at Sole Academy BGC. Winners also must present their winning coupon with the same valid government-issued ID used to register. In able to purchase a pair, the winner must be in any New Balance pair. They will also be asked to try on their winning pair to make sure it is their own size.

12. Any winning pairs unclaimed on January 7, 2017 will automatically be forfeited.

13. Sole Academy reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.

Best of luck.

Stay updated via social media:

facebook/twitter/instagram: @saichiph


The New Balance 247 Luxe will be made available on January 7 by means of an in-store raffle due to its very limited quantity. New Balance Philippines has given us 247 raffle tickets to be given out per day on a first come, first serve basis from January 4 to 6. Registration will be held from 5pm to 10pm. Customers may opt to choose one of the three colorways.
Black / Tan / White: US7 – US11 (No US7.5 and US10.5)⠀
Priced at Php 5,995


1. The Official queue will be held outside the Commonwealth Store. Any other queue formed before 5pm will not be entertained.

2. A valid government ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.) is required. Student ID’s will not be entertained.

3. Customers can only register for one colorway. The true size policy will be enforced.

4. Raffle draw of the winning tickets will be broadcasted via Facebook Live, on January 7, at 1pm. All winning tickets will be contacted directly via mobile.

5. Winners must purchase their chosen pair on the same day, January 7 (Saturday), in-store, all sales are final. All unclaimed pairs after this time will be forfeited.

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