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It’s never too late to celebrate Christmas with Kawhi and New Balance

Posted on Feb 4, 2021 in New Balance

It’s never too late to celebrate the holidays.

After releasing the 4 Bounces and Jolly Rancher colorways, New Balance PH just released the latest colorway for Kawhi Leonard’s signature shoe with a winter-themed colorway dubbed the KAWHI Christmas.

We saw Leonard rock the shoe during the Christmas Day game back in December and today you can bring them home for yourself. The shoe takes inspiratoin from one of Kawhi’s favorite mythical beasts, the Snow Wasset. The winter creature can be seen through snow and ice as it ambushes its prey, pretty much like how Kawhi feasts on the opposition on the court.

“In working with Kawhi, we wanted to ensure that his final signature shoe for 2020 was unique to his personality and further showcased the ice in his veins and what drives him,” explained Jonathan Grondin, New Balance’s Design Director for Basketball “Like the mythical Snow Wasset, Kawhi is relentless on the court and it was imperative that the shoe’s design emulated his work ethic and how he comes alive in the winter during the NBA season.”

The New Balance KAWHI Christmas is now available at select New Balance stores (Glorietta 4, Trinoma, BHS) and retails for Php 8,495. The shoe comes in limited quantities.