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All-Star Weekend: Nike All-Star Exclusives

Posted on Feb 13, 2010 in BTV, NBA | 11 comments


The 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend officially started Friday Manila time with most of the participants flying in from whatever city they’re reppin’. Our very own Philippine contingent finally made it there after 20 or so something hours of travelling. I was supposed to make the trip but had to give up my spot so that others can experience the wonder that is the All-Star Weekend. But  for most of us, aside from the game, we’ll be focused on what they players are wearing. I posted last week Adidas’ offering for All-Star- TS Supernatural Creator and Commander. Last night, I decided to drop by Nike BHS to check out this year’s all-star digs.

The soles you see here are the soles of the fifth (yup, you read that right, FIFTH) Kobe V shoe. That’s 5 pairs all within a span of a week. Word around is that a 6th should be out next week. Which one? I’ll keep mum about it til it’s confirmed from my source. Anyway, these are the Kobe Vs for the All-Star Game. It’s unfortunate that we won’t see them on the Mamba’s feet come All-Star Game. Kobe was scratched off the list at the 11t h hour because of all the injuries Mamba incurred over the first half of the season. Among all the ASG special releases, these are the best. BHS only (and the only one to carry All-Star kicks) has 20 pairs and if I’m not mistaken, are all reserved or have names to their boxes. Better try your luck on the net for these Daring red joints. As much as I’m giving props to the V, I really don’t like the 3M wood finish on the upper. First of all, where have you see red wood like that? But that’s the only thing I’m not feeling on it. Otherwise, the shoe’s pretty delish.






For all the other West bigs and wings, they’ll be sporting the Nike Hyperize (though I’m sure Steve, Dirk, KD will rock special PEs of their kicks). These are actually nice. I just don’t wear high tops when I ball so I’ll pass up on these. It’s a surprise that they didn’t release the East version of the shoe. This carries the same finish as the Kobe V and also has 3M on it. I took some picks (albeit ugly ones) of them flashing their 3Ms.






Ofcourse, the King will not be outdone by the Mamba. Here’s the VII done in the East’s blue colorway. I’m not feelin’ it as much as the Vs, and the blue doesn’t pop out as much as the reds. These are still available. It’s funny that LBJs popularity doesn’t translate to sneaker sales the way Kobe’s kicks do. I think a visit from Bron during the offseason might do the trick though. I’m sure LeBron will love the Philippines. and in return, we will love him back by finally buying his kicks. I personally don’t like most of his kicks. The only signatures I like were the 1s (Zoom Generation).  The VIIs also have the 3M finish but I opted not to post them as I wasn’t happy with the photos I took.




For more on the kicks for All-Star and other new Nike Drops, drop on by NIKE BHS and take a look for yourself. They are pretty swell. I’ll pass on them though. I see some kicks on the horizon I’m feenin’ for. For All-Star action, tune in to Solar TV and BTV for all the main Events. BTV has other All-Star Events that can only be seen there. Log on to for more details on All-Star Weekend.


  1. ganda nung ASG kobe V, hopefully whoever bought those are happy!

  2. hahaha. Let it go mon! You had your chance. But yes, they are nice. But you wouldn’t want to wear a pair that’ll be forgotten rin.

  3. how much are they?

  4. which one?

  5. for the kobe and hyperize sir. 🙂

  6. The Kobes are long gone. The Hyperize should be the same price as regular Hyperizes.

  7. hey there…you got a great site…i check it out almost everyday…
    just wanna ask if you know when will the next kobe v colorway drop? i’ve been aching to buy the “inline” kobe v and am afraid that if i don’t buy it when it drops i’ll be too late cause they are selling out so quickly…

  8. Thanks! Next drop should be sometime this week, if I’m not mistaken. They should be dropping the Dark Knights.

  9. how about the inline colorway sir? when?

  10. it should be available by march.

  11. march?.how about in the philippines?

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