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Why the Air Jordan V ‘Fire Red’ means a lot to Jordan fans

Posted on May 2, 2020 in Jordan Brand

With the Last Dance now streaming on Netflix PH, younger fans are finally understanding the Jordan mystique while us older folk are validated with every highlight and story told about the GOAT. This weekend, the Air Jordan V Retro ‘Fire Red’ is finally makes its return to retail.

WWII Fighter Planes. Flames on the side. Reflective Tongue. Icy outsoles.

Sure, we’ve heard and seen everything there is to this 30-year old sneaker. But what makes the Air Jordan V a hit to Jordan fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike? For this, we’ll have to go back (and I mean way back) to our memory banks of the first time we saw the Vs.

It was 1990 and Jordan’s officially a household name. From scoring titles, MVP trophies, All-Star accolades and countless others, basketball fans felt like MJ had everything… except the Larry O’B. By then, I was already 11 years old and I grew familiar with the Air Jordan line. I fell in love with the IIIs and like most kids during that time, all we could do was stare at the screen and grow envious of classmates who actually owned a pair of Js.

Like any kid back then, we attempted to play like MJ, shouting his name with every jumper made and drive to the basket with the our tongue hanging out. Up until recently, Jordan usually debuted his latest sneaker on court during the All-Star Weekend. It only made sense as everyone was watching the Midseason Classic, and his birthday usually fell on the same weekend. I remember distinctly squinting my eyes so hard on that recorded video (yes, back then games weren’t always live) to see what he was wearing.

While the Air Jordan III and IV looked somewhat similar, the Air Jordan V looked so different from everything else that was available in the market. The molded rubber mesh on the midsole was something so different and the reflective tongue really made the shoe stand out. It was also the first time we saw translucent outsoles done to a basketball sneaker. Tinker Hatfield really did wonders for MJ’s fifth signature sneaker and truly made every kid feel like his Airness once they laced them up.

The Air Jordan V definitely signaled in the beginning of the golden age of sneakers. Not only did the shoe look good, they were performance beasts. Yes, I never owned a pair back then, but classmates and friends shared their pair with us and we felt the difference versus whatever we had on our feet. Pretty much like how some pairs gained their nicknames, the Air Jordan V had so many memorable Jordan moments attached to them. It’s quite unfortunate that MJ debuted them during the 3-Point Contest. But what he did during the rest of the season with the Vs were on another level.

Fast forward to 2020, the Air Jordan V has grown to be a fan favorite. Some sites and fan lists have the V ranked close to the I, III, and XI. From the Fresh Prince, Doernbechers, Supremes and most recently the Off-Whites, the Air Jordan V has etched itself onto sneaker history for the next 30 years. But for purists and true Jordanheads, the Fire Red Vs will always be filled with the best Jordan memories.

The Air Jordan V Retro ‘Fire Red’ drops today, May 2nd, at in full family sizing. The shoe retails for Php 9,895, Older Kids’ for Php 6,295, Younger Kids’ for Php 3,795 and Toddler sizes for Php 2,795. Titan will be releasing the shoe as well via and the TITAN app.