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The Women’s Air Jordan OG makes its return

Posted on Jan 15, 2020 in Jordan Brand

Back in the late ’90s, Jordan Brand officially became a brand separate from Nike. Back then, the catalog was pretty lean, with the hero silhouette (the Air Jordan), coupled with team silhouettes, a training shoe and a couple others. In 1998, Jordan had the Air Jordan XIII, with several silhouettes that had elements of the sneaker across the line. As the brand was focused on growing, Jordan created their first women’s Air Jordan sneaker.

With the game ever growing, Jordan answered the call and provided women all over the world with a sneaker they can call their own. On aesthetics alone, you’ll notice the similarities of the dimpled leather upper, which was also found on the Air Jordan XIII. The women’s shoe also featured a similar herringbone traction pattern, which meant the shoe was all business on court.

Two decades later, and with the women’s game reaching new levels of greatness, it made sense to bring back the original Women’s Air Jordan. With the embroidered W on the heel, the shoe aims to inspire a new generation while celebrating milestones as we enter a new decade.

The Women’s Air Jordan is now available at Titan ( and the Titan app), with the shoe retailing for Php 7,195.