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REVIEW: A look at the NBA All-Star Jerseys from the last decade

Posted on Feb 1, 2020 in Jordan Brand

the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend Uniforms

Growing up during the golden age of basketball (MJs rise to stardom, the arrival of Shaq, Kobe, and eventually LeBron and Co.), the NBA All-Star Weekend was definitely must-see TV. From Larry’s 3-point proficiency to MJ’s hang time, February was really the start of the basketball calendar as we go through the festivities and eventually head on to the second half of the NBA season.

Aside from the memorable moments (Zach vs AG in 2016, Bad Boys + LeBron vs the West, Team Steph vs Team LeBron, etc), you cannot discount the Jerseys. For NBA players, donning an All-Star jersey is an honor bestowed on 24 of the best players in the League that year. Looking back at the archives, the looks on KG, Agent Zero, and other superstars looking at their All-Star jerseys for the first time is definitely a memorable one. Needless to say, these jerseys are as memorable as the plays and names you see on the court during the Midseason Classic.

As we are two weekends away from the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago, let’s take a look back at the All-Star Jerseys worn during the 2010s:

2010 NBA All-Star Weekend: Dallas

DWade, Bosh and LeBron team up against the West

Considered one of the best jerseys made during the adidas era, the 2010 All-Star jerseys was the first time both teams wore solid-colored jerseys. The jerseys also had a huge star bleeding to the side of the jersey. As they say, it’s always bigger in Texas.

MVP: Dwyane Wade

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2011 NBA All-Star Weekend: Los Angeles

Kobe wins MVP honors with 37 pts and 14 rebs

The bright lights were back in Los Angeles for the 2011 All-Star Game. Taking inspiration from the glitz and glamor of La La Land, the bold lettering mimics the famous Hollywood sign, with the LA skyline embossed on to the lettering. One cool thing about the jerseys was that there was a diamond pattern that can be seen when hit with the arena lights (an ode to the game’s diamond anniversary).

MVP: Kobe Bryant

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2012 NBA All-Star Game: Orlando

KD scored 36 for the 152-149 win for the West

Welcome to sunny Orlando! With the court to the street concept, adidas took inspiration from the beach, vacation atmosphere of Orlando, Florida. The fonts were inspired by the ’92 All-Star Game (the last time the ASG was in Orlando), while the shorts were the lightest ever, as they were mixing basketball shorts and board shorts into one.

MVP: Kevin Durant

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2013 NBA All-Star Game: Houston

James Harden proving that he can hang with the best

H-Town. While this is the 2nd time in 7 years for ASW to be in Houston, adidas tried to capture the connection between the city and the space program. From the camo patterns of the jet planes that dot the sky, adidas embraced the aeronautical history and the speed of fighter jets for their jerseys.

MVP: Chris Paul

adidas Unveils 2013 NBA All-Star Uniforms (1)

2014 NBA All-Star Weekend: New Orleans

Kyrie Irving put everybody on skates en route to his first All-Star MVP trophy


Just like the earlier jerseys of that season, adidas and the NBA incorporated sleeves for the All-Star uniforms. Taking inspiration from NOLA’s rich and unique culture, the vibrant colors of Mardi Gras was at the heart of 2014’s weekend. Both East and West jerseys had the fleur-de-lis on the chest (Louisian’s official symbol), while the E and W were cut out to identify the player’s conference. While most of the fans felt this was a miss, All-Star Games in NOLA are always the best.

MVP: Kyrie Irving

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2015 NBA All-Star Weekend: New York

“It’s a guard’s game”

The game is back in Gotham. For the first since 1998, the All-Star Game was back in New York. adidas paid tribute to New York City’s basketball history and unique boroughs while personifying the city’s legacy as the mecca of sports, music and fashion. Going clean and timeless, the NBA went black and white for the jerseys. The five stars on the side of the jerseys represent the five boroughs of New York. This was also the first time the jerseys featured both first and last names of the player.

MVP: Russell Westbrook

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2016 NBA All-Star Weekend: Toronto

the 2016 edition was Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star Game

From Gotham to the 6ix.

For the first time in League history, the NBA All-Star Weekend was played outside of the United States. Toronto played host to the weekend’s festivities and adidas decided to go clean and Canada-inspired. With the maple leaf donning both jerseys, each jersey also featured the famous Toronto skyline at the back. Clean as can be, Toronto made sure the weekend was a memorable one.

MVP: Russell Westbrook

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2017 NBA All-Star Weekend: New Orleans

no cupcakes here: Russ goes for the slam

Can’t really blame the NBA for 2017. With the game slated supposedly for Charlotte, the game was pulled and moved to New Orleans at the last minute. I remember going to this weekend and the entire city tried their best to put on a show despite not having months to prepare. While most jerseys reflect the city and the culture, the NBA had to come up quick for this one.

MVP: Anthony Davis

2018 NBA All-Star Weekend: Los Angeles

Future home? LeBron leads his team vs Team Steph in LA

The 2017-2018 season marked the beginning of the Jordan/Nike era for the NBA. There was a time when the All-Star Game didn’t have special jerseys. Each player wore his respective team jersey, and looked a bit confusing on court, especially with all the colors. So to kick things off during their tenure, Jordan decided to go black and white for the jerseys, with the team logo plastered in front. Playing it safe? Maybe, but they definitely reflected the brand and LA’s street style.

MVP: LeBron James

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2019 NBA All-Star Weekend: Charlotte

Team LeBron vs Team Giannis for 2019

Similar to previous All-Star Weekends, Jordan Brand pays homage to the last time the game was played in Charlotte, North Carolina (1991). The red/white/blue patterns are taken from the early 90s game and the uniform shorts feature a honeycomb pattern integrated into the NBA star logo, as well as crowns for th Queen City. For the names and numbers, Jordan Brand used a military-inspired stencil to tap in to the city’s flight heritage.

MVP: Kevin Durant

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2020 NBA All-Star Weekend: Chicago

As shared last week, the 2020 All-Star Weekend jerseys take inspiration from the city’s main mode of transportation: the Chicago transport line. Taking design cues as well from the classic pin-stripe jerseys from the 90s, Chicago’s All-Star Weekend should be a fun one.

Earlier today, Titan started selling the all-new 2020 uniforms across all their doors,, and the TITAN app. The Nike x NBA All-Star Weekend Swingman Jersey retails for Php 4,795 while the Swingman Shorts retail for Php 3,295. Both LeBron and Giannis’ jerseys are available in both colors (although Team LeBron will wear Red and Team Giannis will wear Blue during the game).

Over the last decade, which All-Star uniform was your favorite? Where does the 2020 All-Star Weekend jersey stack up?