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Release Reminder: Jordan Why Not? Zer0.3 ‘LA Born’

Posted on Feb 16, 2020 in Jordan Brand

The All-Star Game was made for guards. Over the last couple of season (outside of LeBron and Giannis), guards have dominated the All-Star Game. From the flashy moves to the downhill game, Sunday’s Game was made for these speedsters. Russell Westbrook, 2-time MVP of the ASG, is in Chicago for another crack at trophy.

With Russell Westbrook playing in his 9th All-Star Game this coming weekend, expect to see Mr. Why Not? wear something new for the big game. Going for a more ’90s color scheme, the new colorway mixes in Jordan lore and Westbrook’s hometown in LA. It may look busy, just like Russ on the court.

The Jordan Why Not? Zer0.3 ‘LA Born’ retails for Php 6,745 and will be available at Titan and (2/18).