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New This Week: The Air Jordan XXXVII ‘Beyond Borders’ in stores now

Posted on Sep 16, 2022 in Jordan Brand

After unveiling the shoe back in July, the Air Jordan XXXVII is now available in store. Ever since Jordan stepped foot on the court in ’84, the Air Jordan line has been synonymous to greatness. While we were pretty impressed with the AJ XXXVI, the XXXVII was meant for the elite of the elite.

The team at the NSRL (Nike Sports Research Lab) made the Ai Jordan XXXVII for multidirectional play, but studied the three stages of jumping – crash, load and launch. For the crash portion (landing from a jump or rebound), the new shoe features a TPU mold encasing the brand ultra-responsive Formula 23 foam. This foam is lightweight and responsive, and one of the brand’s most sustainable foams ever made by Nike, Inc. For the load phase, it’s a matter of transferring the motion from heel through the midfoot. That’s where the carbon fiber midfoot shank comes into play. Interestingly enough, it’s the first time the carbon fiber shank returns since the XXXII. Lastly, there’s the launch phase – the liftoff – where the Zoom Air strobel unit and additional forefoot unit for that pop off.

One other unique element on the Air Jordan XXXVII is the use of Lenoweave yarns on the shoe’s upper. As it debuted on the XXXVI, the TPE-type yarn is both strong and pliable. While it may look uneven and stringy at first glance, the pattern and profile takes inspiration from the Air Jordan VII, and the hand-shaped craftsmanship of West African basket weaving. Similar to the VII, the upper is fashioned similar to sandal straps and ankle tape, places where support is needed the most (incidentally, how the Huarache was the mold the VII was patterned after).

The Air Jordan XXXVII ‘Beyond Borders’ retails for Php 9,995, and is now available at Titan and Jordan Manila.