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D’EBENT!- If you thought the Pacquiao-Clottey fight was retarded, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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FOR SALE! . Check out the stuff for sale from the friends of the Movement!

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Puma . Check all the new ish from the Cat!

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Nike. Swoosh lovers come together! From Pacman’s Trainer 1 release to all the new drops.

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MJ46 Center. 10/3/09. Kicks were sic and the selection’s much better than the first few trips. TZ and QS at an outlet store?! Almost always never happens!

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the Store. 10/3/09. If you thought the sneakers over at the Center were sic, check these out. Give the Store a call to reserve the pairs. you’ve got a few more days to save up and get the pairs posted here.

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Shoe Salon. known for their QS account and their special releases, check out my picks for the place filled with kicks.

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adidas Originals. the only full blown Originals store in town, they’ve got special releases left and right. check it!

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adidas Sport Performance. This time around, let’s do performance kicks. It’s about time you look good while playing a sport.

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Onitsuka Tiger. Another Cat in the Building! This time it’s a Tiger. Japan’s Finest in Manila.

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HideOut. Quickstrikes, Limiteds, Special Releases. Nike/Adidas/New Balance. Check it.

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Cushe. Check out the cool kicks from Cushe

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Special Botiques/Shops. From WeLegendary to Bunker to Crate. Check out the cool kicks from around the way.

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Factory Outlets. Check out the surprise finds over at the Factory Outlets!

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Greyone Social. Drops at G1 Rockwell and GB5

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Commune. Congregate. Collaborate.

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Vael Project.

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New Balance.

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Overseas. Sneaker scene outside of the Philippines

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Signature PEs.

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Adidas x Star Wars.

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Adidas x Hideout.

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My own personal stash.

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Jordan Brand.

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All-Star 2010.

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