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Crep Protect releases the only Eraser you’ll ever need

Posted on May 1, 2018 in Crep Protect

Whenever I visit a store and pick the brains of customers, I always ask them what they think of certain pairs on the shelves. More often than not, they like the shoe, but put them down because it’s suede. It’s true that maintaining suede or nubuck is a pain, especially when dirt hits it. We’ve had our fair share of sneaker cleaners and as much as we follow the directions, we can’t seem to find the right solution to keep them pristine. Fortunately, some brands go to great lengths to figure out how to solve this lifelong dilemma.

Last Thursday, Crep Protect did just that. Crep launched the Crep Protect Eraser, the most convenient way to clean out scuffs and grime from suede or nubuck. Not only does it remove the dirt, it actually rebuffs the material. That’s one thing most sneaker cleaners can’t do. During the launch, Crep had a test area for people to try to rub off the dirt on a pair of sneakers. To up that even further, I wore a pair that was actually dirty and tried the eraser myself. It worked and restored the shoe to look brand new.

Each Crep Protect Eraser comes in a nifty lifestyle tin casing, that way you can bring the Eraser wherever you go without making a mess inside your bag or pocket. The Crep Protect Eraser retails for Php 445, and is now available at Capital, Sole Academy, Commonwealth, urbanAthletics, and select The Athlete’s Foot stores.