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Posted on Dec 31, 2014 in Converse | 1 comment


Earlier this year, Converse reintroduced a classic from the ’90s, the AeroJam. Back then, the AeroJam signaled the return of Converse to basketball prominence¬† after such hits such as the Weapon and the Energy Wave from the ’80s. The AeroJam was also the signature shoe of Larry ‘Grandmama’ Johnson, who along with Kevin Johnson and Dennis Rodman kept the brand relevant with Nike and Reebok dominating the scene heading into the ’90s.

Fast forward to 2014, Converse under their revamped CONS line brings the AeroJam back as part of a special ‘Invader’ Pack. The AeroJam comes in a two-toned purple upper with a galactic print lining, matched with a glow in the dark outsole. In case you were wondering, the shoe is inspired by Bupkus, the Monstar that took LJ’s ‘powers/talents’ in Space Jam (see below). Thus the purple hue, speckles on the heel, and the 0 on the shoe’s detachable lace shield. The other shoe in the pack is the Weapon, inspired by another WB character, Marvin the Martian.


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  1. Hi Martin, will this have a local release here? would love to have one of these bad boys!

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