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Converse unveils the Converse CX

Posted on Mar 11, 2020 in Converse

Staying Power.

That’s what Converse has. Staying Power. For a brand that’s been here for over a hundred years, Converse has reinvented themselves and introduced new innovations to stay on top of the game. Most recently, Converse introduced us to Converse Renew and the All Star Pro BB, keeping themselves relevant to today’s sneaker landscape.

Today, Converse took another step and saw the opportunity to push the boundaries of their design and product ethos. The brand recognizes that they need to provide their consumers a product that fulfills their needs.

With reimagination at the core of Converse’s DNA, the brand looked at innovations in fit, form, sizing and function to deliver a superior product. Enter Converse CX.

CX Will Transform How Converse Products Are Made

While a lot of us love the classic build of the Chuck Taylor and other Converse silhouettes, the CX transforms how the shoes are made. The CX toolkit focuses on three core elements:

  • CX stretch canvas: A new material innovation that adapts to a wearer’s foot and enables easy on-off wearability. 
  • CX foam: A pairing of a single-density PU insole and lightweight phylon midsole, which boosts impact absorption to maximize long-lasting comfort.
  • New outsole design: CX foam is supported by a new rubber outsole design that provides flexibility and improved durability.

Interestingly enough, the CX was first introduced way back in 1915, when Marquis Converse was experimenting on various rubber products. The premium line had a ‘CX’ logo, featuring a triple tread. CX represented the highest and best quality products from Converse, be it the Big Nine (basketball) and the Non-Skid (the Chuck Taylor All Star).

“CX allows Converse to create more functional, stylish and comfortable footwear than ever before,” says Brandis Russell, VP, Global Footwear at Converse. “In time, we plan to integrate its elements into every footwear product we make.”

To banner in Converse CX, Converse introduces us to three new silhouettes:

All Star Disrupt CX – A future-forward twist on the classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette through its key signifier — an exaggerated statement heel counter — intended to be expressive, bold and a signal of both comfort and newness.
Chuck Taylor All Star CX –  A familiar classic, hosting upgrades like new stretch canvas, CX foam, and transparent foxing to showcase its transformative midsole.
Chuck Taylor Disrupt CX – A sleek, low-cut slip featuring CX stretch canvas and foam, completed by the exaggerated heel counter.

Expect to Converse CX drops beginning this March across Converse stores and partner stockists.