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Posted on Oct 6, 2017 in Arkk Copenhagen |

After last month’s launch with the Nines and Zeus, Nordic-brand ARKK Copenhagen is now launching with Sneak Peek. Several models – the Raven (in various materials) as well as the Pythron will be made available across the Sneak Peek stores. The brand’s simple yet clean design is breath of fresh air and gives sneaker aficionados an updated look without breaking the bank. Sneak Peek will be releasing the Raven at their Shangri-la branch while their Trinoma and ATC branches will cary a bevy of styles for you to choose from. Here’s a glimpse of the models that will be available at Sneak Peek:

Raven Nubuck S-E15 Black/Gum

Raven Mesh S-E15 Black/Grey Spray

Raven FG 2.0 S-E15 Disrupted Camo/Black

Raven FG 2.0 S-E15 Disrupted Camo/Sand

Raven Mesh S-E15 Grey/Black Spray

Raven FG 2.0 S-E15 Disrupted Camo/Army

Pythron S-E15 Combat/Ash

Pythron S-E15 Combat/Black