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UNVEILED: adidas gives us their most advanced running shoe, the 4DFWD

Posted on Aug 26, 2022 in Adidas

With summer slowly ending and heading into the next season, we’re getting more products and innovations pop up on our feed. With rains slowly dissipating, adidas just unveiled their most advanced running shoe, the 4DFWD. While we have seen different 4D midsoles before, the 4DFWD uses a bowtie-shaped lattice, which converts vertical pressure into horizontal force, providing runners with a non-stop smooth forward transition.

adidas has been working on several (million) kinds of lattice structures with athlete performance data to get the best possible way to help runners from all over. For this edition, adidas partnered with Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis to create the new midsole.

Anette (Pekol Hosoi, Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said:When humans run, our forward motion is interrupted every time our foot hits the ground leading to a subtle stop-start motion between strides. This is true for all runners – no matter your ability. At the MIT Sports Lab, we are developing innovative technologies that offer a direct solution for overcoming that intrinsic challenge. And the new 4DFWD does just that.”

So what makes the adidas 4DFWD any different from the previous iteration?

  • CONTINENTAL OUTSOLE INTRODUCED – the new outsole provides extra grip for any surface or condition;
  • ALL-NEW PRIMEKNIT+ & ENGINEERED MESH UPPER – the shoe features a new upper construction, giving you a sock-like fit while the EM provides the user support where runners need it the most.
  • UNRIVALED COMFORT – the new midsole delivers 23% more cushioning than the previous 4D (4D Run 1.0);

The adidas 4DFWD is set to drop next Thursday, September 1, 2022 and will retail for Php 12,000. The Carbon Cloud white and Impact Orange colorways will be available for men, while the Grey Five and Cloud White will be there for women. The shoe will be available here.