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O is for Overkill: adidas brings Overkill to the A-ZX Series

Posted on Apr 30, 2021 in Adidas

We’re almost complete with the A-ZX series and today, we bring you the letter ‘O’ with Berlin retailer Overkill. Initially founded in 1992 as a graffiti magazine, Overkill’s transformed itself to one of best sneaker stores still in existence. Originally named after the moment when a spray-can explodes into an unpredictable splatter of color, today, Overkill celebrates its roots by reimagining adidas’ archival ZX franchise in the form of the ZX 8500 ‘Overkill’.

Drawing inspiration from graffiti culture, the ZX 8500 ‘Overkill’ brings various features from the ZX ‘000’ series. From the ZX 8000’s base, the vibrant colors inspired by the ZX 5000 and the overlays found on the ZX 9000. Bringing graffiti culture influences to the fore, the sneaker then features concrete look toe overlays matched with Overkill embroidery, as well as ‘OK’ tags on both tongues and spray can warning symbols on the heel caps. Finally, rounding out the look, is a removable shoe cover which boasts an Overkill ‘OK’ tag printed on its exterior and has been designed to protect the sneaker while the wearer is spray painting.

The adidas ZX 8500 ‘Overkill’ is now available via the adidas PH webstore and app and retails for Php 7,500.