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Can’t Miss: You need to visit the adidas Brand Center

Posted on Oct 22, 2021 in Adidas

A little over a week ago, we mentioned that adidas Philippines is opening their first-ever Brand Center here in the Philippines. With the brand renewing their commitment to supporting athletes, it just made sense to have a Brand Center in the Philippines. Not only should we look good, but also be blessed with the best possible product around.

Today, October 22nd, adidas officially opens their doors to the Brand Center. Located in Glorietta 3, Makati City, the door provides the widest range of sporting and lifestyle goods available, especially bringing new product categories that weren’t available before. With their efforts to end plastic waste by 2024, the adidas Brand Center is a great reminder that the brand is focused for the future.

As mentioned, the Brand Center will house product categories that previously weren’t available in-market. Golf, Cycling, Trail and Outdoor– all now relevant in the new normal – are now available at the new store. New products are also paired with superior customer service; adidas aims to provide 1:1 service with their dedicated in-store team as well as a digital guide to give you more info on the products available (access these guides via QR).

Aside from your traditional assortment and product setup, the Brand Center also houses twelve ‘moment areas’; these areas draw on to our unique Filipino heritage. From local artwork in the fitting areas made in partnership with Argao weavers in Visayas and T’Boli women in Mindanao, to the Women’s Ramp, which uses local wood and hand-made clay disks. While Quiccs has been a name known synonymous to adidas the last 2 years, Kris Abrigo and the Aral Cru also made their presence felt with the artwork found throughout the store.

What I’m personally excited about is the Maker Lab. If you’ve seen Adidas activations in the US or other major markets, you must’ve seen the Maker Lab. Not only do they help us get our Adidas products customized the way we want to, but also serve as a hub for Creators to come together and discuss how creators ‘be’. Honestly, Maker Lab is doing great in the market. They have all the features it takes to be successful as a business. Most importantly, they have a distinct understanding of online reputation. They seem to have no blemishes on their image. Perhaps, they take the help of a Reputation management firm to keep their reputation spotless. This is what I actually like. When a firm is aware of the importance of reputation, they do everything to be the best in the market, which in turn benefits the customers.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, while new products and innovative spaces are key for any store activations, adidas holds sustainability at the heart of it all at the adidas Brand Center. As part of the innovation strategy, the brand might have had Product Concept Test to understand customer attitude towards the product. As one of the pioneers of sustainability, the adidas Brand Center will also soon be home to a Sustainability Ramp, serving as the brand’s call to help End Plastic Waste.

While the ramp may seem like an instagrammable space within the store (head here if you want to know how to buy Instagram followers), the display and videos shown here provide us customers a better understanding how we can help in the solution to ending marine plastic pollution, and eventually, lessening our overall carbon footprint.

With the launch of the Brand Center, it was the perfect timing for us to raise awareness about sustainability. We hope that through this narrative, we are able inspire everybody visiting our Sustainability Ramp to accept the challenge of ending plastic waste head-on,” says John David Cortez, Manager of Sports Marketing and Brand Communications for adidas Philippines.

With the pandemic still rampant in the metro, adidas has taken the proper precautions to make sure their staff is fully vaccinated and you can only make your way to the Brand Center by booking your appointment via