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adidas adds reflective uppers to the ALPHAEDGE 4D this season

Posted on Nov 9, 2019 in Adidas

Earlier this week, adidas announced their latest 4D offering, which is the reflective ALPHAEDGE 4D. Since its inception, 4D has made its rounds acrosss adidas Running, Stella McCartney and Originals product categories. The 3D midsole is printed with light and oxygen using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ technology pioneered by Silicon Valley based company, Carbon. With their advancements, adidas and Carbon’s been able to now produce more products at a much wider scale.

“We are proud to have taken a FUTURECRAFT concept and scaled it up significantly across our business within two years. ADIDAS 4D marks a shift in the way we approach the design and creation of our products. With the support of our partner, Carbon, we have shown the possibilities of data-driven-design and digital manufacturing on a global scale. The next iteration of the technology will be to develop how it can be used to produce footwear that is tailored to specific sports, and even individual athletes.”

Marco Kormann, adidas Director Platform Innovation

ADIDAS 4D was created to provide users a product that is specifically tuned to their needs, from measurements down to their movement patterns, weight and even gait. In the future, adidas foresees this design to be created specific to certain sports and data provided by the individual. The latest release now uses reflective matertials on the shoe’s upper, making the shoe more beneficial at night or training in low light. The Primeknit upper with FORGEDMESH provides a sock-like fit to the user, helping with every twist and turn. ALPHAEDGE 4D is also fitted with the Continental outsole, fixed with engineered traction zones for better acceleration regardless of weather or surface.

The adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D comes in black and white and is set to drop this Monday, November 11th. Both Sole Academy and Commonwealth are releasing the product at their locations. Sole Academy is running an online raffle until 12 midnight through the following links:

If you missed out on the online registration, make sure to keep tabs on Commonwealth for their release.