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Posted on Sep 5, 2014 in Adidas | 1 comment


With Derrick Rose showing flashes of his former self during the FIBA World Cup, adidas Basketball’s D Rose program seems to be back on track. To reignite with his signature collection, adidas brings us the D Rose Englewood 3. Historically, the Englewood line were low top versions of Rose’s signature silhouettes (Englewood 1 to the Rose 3/3.5,  Englewood 2 to the Rose 4.5). With the 3, it does take some elements from the Rose 5, but applying some other details that make the shoe stand out. Aside from seeing the Three Stripes back on the heel, the D Rose logo is on the tongue, heel, and part of the ADIWEAR outsole. With it’s synthetic leather uppers, the shoe’s pretty lightweight, but still making them durable for any kind of run on the court. Two colorways are currently available at select adidas PH stores, with one going with a more traditional Black/Red color blocking, and the other going for a more non-conventional, non-Rose colorway of greys with Teal/Mint accents. The adidas D Rose Englewood 3 is now available and retails for Php 5,795.

adidas_englewood3c adidas_englewood3b adidas_englewood3a adidas_englewood3 englewood3

1 Comment

  1. Awesomesauce!!! Been waiting for these. But I guess they came a little too early. I gotta say I ain’t ready. haha! 😀


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